Manage We build and maintain Data Warehouses

Data Management

Providing a trusted infrastructure that gives users confidence in the credibility and consistency of the data

Cleanse, match, standardize, and enrich , extract transform and load your data so you can deliver trusted information for your business intelligence, data warehouse, and transaction processing workloads.

With high-quality, well-managed data, you can gain a clearer picture of your business. Data warehouses, especially deployed keeping in view the analytical requirements of your business, provide a solid framework for the implementation of business logic. An important characteristic of a data warehouse is that it is nonvolatile and stores calculated data, rather than the raw data.

If your data management efforts are successful, then the operational and analytical systems that drive the business will be more successful. Unlock the potential of your data using Data Management

Our portfolio of Data Management services enable organizations to trust the credibility and consistency of their data so they can make critical business decisions.

Data Integration

Every decision,every business move, every successful customer interaction-they all come down to high-quality, well-integrated data. Improve, integrated and govern your data by promoting data quality,transparency and accountability.

Data Warehouse

Starting from the identification of requirements of clients, we offer complete services for the creation of your organizational data warehouse including communication with your transactional database system,extraction of data, transportation of data then implementing the transformation and loading process.Our data warehouse solutions let you have access state of the art analytical products which have all the potential to multiply worth of your bussiness. Data may be obtained from multiple sources of diverse nature.

Modern Data Warehouse

The traditional strategy of extracting and cleansing relational data into a central repository needs to adapt for this new world of data. A modern data warehouse service from DataFare can accomadate new storage technologies like Hadoop to incorporate a wider variety of data sources that include mobile, social, scanners, photos, videos, sensors, devices, RFID, web logs, advanced analytics, click streams, machine learning and third-party data sources.